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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Sep 06, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and a Way to Help

Often when we see the kind of devastation we witnessed from Hurricane Harvey, we want to do something to reach out and help. But how can we help? And furthermore, what is the best way for us to help? We may even wonder to ourselves whether or not we can actually do anything to help.

The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) has what is called a “Global Crisis Response” ministry. It has assisted areas struck by natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. They have also assisted in numerous relief efforts around the world. In fact, when Pastor Mike was serving in Thailand, he was part of the relief effort from the EFCA that assisted those devastated by the tsunami that hit the southern end of Myanmar in 2008.

Once again the EFCA Global Crisis Response is mobilized to come alongside the 15 EFCA churches in the Houston area to help our sister churches recover and reach out to their neighbors as they seek to recover. This is one way God can bring a lot of good out of a very difficult situation.

Please go here to learn how you can partner with the EFCA to help reach out to the people of Houston. It is the goal of the EFCA to raise $1 million towards this effort.

Our Deacon Fund is used to help with benevolent needs both within and outside of our church family. Recently, the fund has accumulated a substantial balance and we are able to release a portion of those funds to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Houston.

Like New Orleans, the recovery will take a long time, and there will be ample ways for us to help over time. Be praying for how God might nudge us to “do for others what we would want them to do for us.”