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    Author: Michael Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.49 Issue 49, The Pulse 2017

    10 Reasons to Plant a Church


    ONE OF THE MOST FREQUENT QUESTIONS Church Planters get asked is, "Why are you planting a church? Aren’t there already enough churches?”

    Other objections to planting a church might be “We are too small, We are too young, We don’t have enough money.” Maybe we should consider helping other struggling churches first or let’s fill up the existing churches in the area before we start a new one.

    None of these objections answer the question, “Why plant churches?”


    Let me give you 10 Reasons To Start a New Church:

    1. Church Planting is the most effective way to reach the unreached (Tim Keller)
    2. Church Planting revitalizes a community (Tim Keller)
    3. The growth of a Christian community correlates to the degree of effort given to planting new churches (Peter Wagner)
    4. Church Planting is part of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20)
    5. Church Planting is the normal business of the local church and the local church is where Christians are taught to obey everything Jesus commanded (Mark Dever)
    6. The first hearers of the Great Commission fulfilled it by planting churches. The best indication of what Jesus meant (in the Great Commission) can be found in how the hearers responded. (Ed Stetzer)
    7. Churches that plant churches grow 3x faster than those who do not. (Bob Logan)
    8. Church Plants are more effective at reaching new people groups and new socio-economic groups (Tim Keller)
    9. There is a need: The population is growing at a rate 8x faster than we are currently starting new churches (Evangelical Friends Church Planting)
    10. There is a need: Less than 18% of Americans attend church on a given weekend. (Evangelical Friends Church Planting)



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