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    Author: Ryan Warner

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.28 Issue 28, The Pulse 2017

    12 Teens Prepare to Serve Hartford

    This Sunday, July 16th, 12 students and three leaders will join approximately 100 additional youth and adults in Hartford for a week long immersion into inner city missions. The week promises to stretch and grow our students in life and in faith, and it will give the entire team the opportunity to experience the goodness of laying ourselves down for the sake of others.

    Jonna Roberge is one of the adult leaders participating in The Hartford Project, and she is looking forward to seeing how God works, not only in the faith of the students, but herself as well. “I’m excited for God to put to rest all of my doubts. My doubts about being able to serve in a capacity that brings Him glory – from my attitude to my physical challenges. I want Him to receive all the recognition and honor. This trip is well out of my comfort zone and I believe that’s the best thing for me. I don’t want to be comfortable in my faith. I want it to be active, moving forward and never looking back with regret.”

    Jonny Leffingwell, who will be entering his junior year of high school this fall, was the first student to register for The Hartford Project. Jonny sees The Hartford Project as an opportunity to grow in his relationship with God through serving alongside his brothers and sisters in Christ, saying, “I would have to say I’m most excited about spending this time with God and with other Christians.”

    Tonight (Wednesday, July 12th) we are meeting as a team to prepare for and pray over our week in Hartford. Would you considering praying for God to use this week to make a tangible difference in the lives of Hartford residents, and reveal more of his glory to our team?