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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.04 Issue 4, The Pulse - 2018.05 Issue 5

    4 Things a Community Group Will Do for You

    AS I WAS MULLING OVER Pastor Scott’s sermon from Mark 1:16-20, it occurred to me that when Jesus was first calling His disciples into ministry, He was actually creating a community group of sorts! Jesus saw the importance of building close relationships in a small group so that faith, wisdom, trust in God, and evangelism could grow.

    Are you in a community group here at WEFC? Perhaps you can ask yourself some of these questions if you are considering joining a group, or maybe even forming your own.

    1 - Do you want to make more friends in church?
    It’s hard to walk into a new church and meet people. It’s even harder to be a member of a church and still not know anyone well enough to have a good conversation. By joining a community group, you will meet new people in a comfortable home setting, sharing stories, struggles and listening to each other in love. There may even be snacks!

    2 - Do you want advice and support as you grow in your faith?
    Sometimes, I am challenged and perplexed about a passage of scripture from Sunday’s sermon, or an event that is happening in my life, or may need a change in my attitude. By being in a community group, I am able to talk about these things in a safe environment, gaining wisdom from others who have dealt with similar situations. Life change happens best in small groups.

    3 - Do you want to be a part of a healthy church?
    We all do! Community groups help church health by encouraging personal discovery in the Word. Smaller communities are more effective in promoting intimacy among church members. That promotes good church health. It also helps in the development of deeper and more meaningful healthy friendships.

    4 - Do you want to help the church to grow?
    “Come to my house” is far less threatening than “Come to my church.” We can make it easier for people seeking God by inviting them to a community group that is geared towards seeking the lost. Becoming involved in a small group makes it easier to “cross the bridge.”

    We have been promoting and encouraging community group participation at WEFC for several years now, because we believe that they work in helping us grow our church and the Kingdom of God within us. If you have questions, or would like to talk more about whether a Community Group is for you, contact Pastor Mike.