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    Author: Ryan Warner

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.08 Issue 8, The Pulse 2017

    And Yes, There Were Tears!

    The High School Ministry of WEFC took our annual Winter Retreat to Camp Spofford the weekend of February 10 – 12. It was a tremendous weekend of fun, worship, and conversation around God’s Word, complete with a bus breakdown that delayed our return home!

    Maria Brodeur, who serves as the Small Group Leader for our junior and senior girls, has shared the highlights of her experience being at Winter Retreat as a leader:

    “This past weekend, I joined a few dozen high-schoolers and a group of fellow youth workers to the annual winter retreat in Spofford, New Hampshire. I had a slight idea of what the retreat schedule would look like, but what I was most looking forward to was seeing how God was going to work. I was also certainly looking forward to connecting with students for more than the Monday night time slot we get weekly.

    While the weekend was filled with snow, food and activities, it was, nonetheless, a weekend of instruction, reflection and connection. The weekend’s theme was “I am willing.” The lessons were presented by Doug Wisneski and Ray Damdar (both Boys Brigade affiliates!). Both offered Jesus’ model of following God and what that might look like for everyone. It truly is a key to Christian living! I, personally, was grateful for the message as it opened conversation on dissecting the Scriptures and the application of it. In our small group, we delved into the heart of Jesus whose desire is to touch the world through our willingness. We also expressed that our willingness may sometimes cost us more than our comfort and convenience (and yes, there were tears!). However God’s calling may look, we can know that God’s ways are always worth it! So, was God at work over the weekend? Absolutely!”

    Thank you to Maria and the entire team of HSM Leaders that pour into our high school students not only each and every week, but over cold winter weekends away as well.