Family Teamwork Makes it Possible

Author: Colleen Smith

Kyle Osborne shares, “As a teen, my youth leader invited me to help lead worship for a Sunday service led by teens. It was at that moment I knew this was what God was calling me to do in the church.” Read More

Serving Up Love and Community

Author: Colleen Smith

A Puerto Rican couple attending a dinner recently hosted at WEFC said, “It does our hearts good to see the kids having fun. They have been traumatized by what they saw and experienced during the hurricanes. What you are doing gives them a sense... Read More

WEFC Restrooms to Undergo Major Facelift

Author: Colleen Smith

We ask for your patience through the month of April as the main restrooms adjacent to Fellowship Hall get a major overhaul. In the end, we will have beautiful new restrooms! Read More