10 Reasons to Plant a Church

Author: Michael Conserva

Ed Setzer warns us against becoming a cul-de-sac on the Great Commission Highway. Here are 10 reasons why churches should be planting churches that plant churches that plant churches. Read More

Church Planting: A Winning Vision for The Church

Author: Michael Conserva

Established Churches should plant churches for their survival. While some see the two as mutually exclusive, I'm most excited about where the two overlap: churches planting churches. On Saturday November 11, all are invited to an event where we... Read More

The Math Doesn’t Add Up

Author: Michael Conserva

The majority of church plants fail because they run out of startup money and never reach a point of sustainability. The math just doesn’t add up. Learn why the future of church planting in New England needs to be bi-vocational. Read More

Using What God Gave You

Author: Michael Conserva

God deserves your best. He expects you to make the most of what you have been given as a good steward of His grace. The trick is learning how to discover your “sweet spot.” Find out how. Read More