Losing Your Patience

Author: Pastor Michael Conserva

Truthfully, there is plenty to be impatient about. We seem to be stuck in a season of waiting. My need for patience grows as my cabin fever increases. Here are five tips to help you to be patient. Read More

Easter is Never Cancelled

Author: Pastor Michael Conserva

Self-quarantining is the rule of the time right now, and gatherings are cancelled across the world, however Easter is NEVER cancelled! This is something we can always learn to celebrate no matter who we are surrounded with in our homes. Read More

COVID-19 Part II

Author: Pastor Michael Conserva

As infections from the COVID-19 coronavirus spread, it is important that we also spread information on how to prepare for and prevent this disease in our community and congregation. Here is what WEFC is doing to help prevent the spread. Read More


Author: Pastor Michael Conserva

There is growing concern regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and its global impact. How can we as a church respond and what can we do? Read More