Stepping Out in Heels to Serve

Author: Signe Damdar

Serving with children ministries at WEFC was a natural fit for Dianna for many years. Two years ago, however, she trusted God to help fill a new role, serving as WEFC’s first female usher. Read More

Get to Know the Gracious Garden Gals

Author: Signe Damdar

Have you noticed how beautiful the flowers look around our church? Find out about how Debbe Wisneski and her team combine gardening passion with service to the church. Read More

Praying in Haiti

Author: Signe Damdar

At Redeemer’s Child Orphanage, midday prayer is a reminder that we are called to fill our day with prayer. As the Haiti team prepares to leave on July 31st, would you also stop and pray? Read More

Team Training for Haiti

Author: Signe Damdar

When team co-leader, Ray Damdar, introduces the Haiti trip to potential team candidates he begins with, “This is not a 10 day trip. This is a 10 month journey.” Find out how the Haiti team members are preparing for the Haiti trip. Read More