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    Author: Colleen Smith

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.39 Issue 39, The Pulse - 2017.40 Issue 40, The Pulse 2017

    Capital Improvements: September Update

    IT’S BEEN A VERY BUSY MONTH ON THE CHURCH PROPERTIES and many of our capital improvement projects are winding down. Probably the most noticeable change has been the replacement of the sanctuary windows.

    Also, if you exit the property using the northern most exit (near the parsonage), you will see a major change in the landscape behind the playground. Some unhealthy trees, brush, and lots of poison ivy were removed. We now have a large area for grass to be sown among some beautiful big shade trees. This might be a great place for a picnic someday!

    At 543 Maple St., the kitchen is nearing completion. The interior painting is well underway throughout the house, and the fixtures for the downstairs bathroom are ready to be installed. Refinishing the floors is the next big project that remains before a punch list of smaller items is concluded.

    The last major renovation has yet to be started. It is the bathroom renovation downstairs at the end of Fellowship Hall. Because of the scope and complexity of the job, a start date has not yet been set.

    We’re thankful for your sacrificial giving that has made these improvements possible. We made every effort to work efficiently and in the most cost effective manner. We are off to a good start in bringing our properties up to date so we can continue to accomplish the mission and vision of WEFC.

    Click here for the latest photos.

    Questions can be directed to Gerry Gingras.