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    Author: Lisa Bobak

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.16 Issue 16, The Pulse - 2017.17 Issue 17, The Pulse 2017

    Child Dedication Planned for Mother's Day

    When parents dedicate their children, they entrust them to the Lord, dedicating themselves to bring up their children in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word. In this they do not save their children; that will come by the child personally expressing faith in Christ when he or she is older. But these parents “set them apart” for a life of Christian love and character, accepting responsibility for their child’s spiritual growth and development.

    This year, we have set aside Mother’s Day, May 14, for families who want to dedicate themselves and their children to the Lord. Interested parents will also need to meet with Pastor Mike on Sunday, 5/7 at 11:10 to go over the promises they will be making. Contact the church office with any questions, or to indicate your interest in pursuing Child Dedication.