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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.14 Issue 14, The Pulse 2017

    Church Math: An Example from the 3rd Grade

    Serving God is something that should bring each believer joy. The amazing thing about serving in church is that is not a stagnant calling. We do not pour ourselves into ministry, just to have our entire effort spill out and be wasted. We minister to make investments in people. This is disciple making.

    Mike Schuberth has been attending WEFC for 14 years, along with his wife Shelagh, who is director of our children’s ministries. Among other things, Mike teaches 3rd grade Sunday school and mentors young adults in our youth program.

    Mike’s motivation for serving God in these capacities is because he loves sharing God’s word with young people. He enjoys seeing the light go on in their eyes, when they see how something that was written so many years ago, can be applied to their lives today. Sometimes he gets reports back from the parents of these kids, telling him how God has used Mike to grow these kids in their faith.

    Not only does Mike enjoy teaching, he also loves seeing young people worshipping God on their own. We worship God through our giving, singing and sharing. But we also worship God when we serve Him. In Mike’s Sunday school class, he has two teen helpers, Carter LeMay and Michael Crabtree. It has been pure joy for Mike to see these young men grow in their faith as they also mentor others.  Mike says, “I love to see the spiritual wheel keep turning, as I pour into these young people, they in turn pour into those younger than themselves. It is a joy to see their faith grow from their head to their heart.” 

    Serving God is cyclical. We pour into others, and they, in turn, pour into someone else. It’s the spiritual multiplication factor, and it is meant to keep going on and on as we make disciples.  We thank God for Mike as he invests in these young people and shows them what serving and worshipping God is all about.