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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.06 Issue 6, The Pulse 2017

    Community Groups: A Place to Serve and Be Served

    Community groups are a wonderful way to get to know people and grow stronger in your knowledge of God’s word. There are 29 groups that meet in the surrounding greater Hartford area.

    Kumson Moore joined a ladies group led by Sharyn Parker and Sue Corrigan in the summer of 2015. It meets every Monday night at the church. There are roughly 15 ladies who attend the group and they really have a wonderful time together.

    During their time together, Kumson’s group splits up into two groups; one group answering the questions outlined on the back of the transcript from the Sunday morning service, and the other group doing a deeper Bible study. Right now, they are doing an inductive study on the Holy Spirit.

    One of the things that Kumson really enjoys about her group is that they meet together outside of their Monday night meetings.

    They have a sewing club that meets once a month to sews pillows for people in hospice. They also have dinners together and even go to Christian movies.

    Kumson says that because she is a widow, the friendship bonds she has with these women are so important to her. She feels that, even though she has 3 sisters, the women in her community group are very special to her as well. She says, “My special sisters in Christ, so precious and lovable! And don’t we all need Kingdom connections?”

    Kumson is very thankful for her community group, which has become a place to serve and be served. She said, “I was looking for a way to serve the Lord at church, and it turns out that I am the one being served by my fellow sisters in Christ!”