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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.12 Issue 12

    Community Groups: Just Go;
    Then Let God Take the Lead!

    Attending church every Sunday is a great way to learn more about the word of God and be fed from the pulpit. It is also a great time to worship God in the presence of other believers. We are also given the opportunity to give monetarily to the church and participate in communion. But there is so much more to “church life” than that!

    Dan Henck has been attending WEFC for about 7 years, and has been involved in community groups for 2 years. He, his wife Heather, and their children live in Glastonbury. But Dan wanted the chance to connect with other believers in the church. Sunday morning just isn’t enough to be able to deepen relationships. He wanted to meet with others outside of a church setting. So he joined not one, but TWO community groups!

    Dan and his wife, Heather, attend a community group that is hosted by the Hucks family. He says that it provides a great mix of believers and different stages of faith. He and Heather really benefit from being able to not only discuss “spiritual matters,” but also “life issues” that face this group of parents and friends. He likes the fact that they can lift each other up in prayer and support each other.

    Dan also attends a men’s group that meets at the church on Wednesday mornings. Dan says, “I appreciate the men’s groups for the fact that these guys I meet with know the struggles we all go through as men, husbands, and dads, in an environment where we can open up about any issues and feel safe in doing so.”

    Dan says that being a part of these two community groups has challenged him to be spiritually accountable regarding his faith, and also in looking at the way he portrays himself to others and his family.

    One of the things that Dan really appreciates about his community groups are the fact that they try to take time during the week, when not meeting as a group, to check in with each other and see how things are going. They also look out for each other and see if there are any needs or issues that those in the group can practically meet.

    Dan encourages any and every one who is looking to join a group to just find a day and a time that works for their schedule. Dan says, “Just GO and let God take the lead!”