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    Author: Michael Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.02 Issue 2, The Pulse 2017

    Community Groups Roll-Out

    Our WEFC Community Groups officially begin the week of January 8th and will be running through to March 12th, a total of 10 weeks at a time. Of course you have a lot of flexibility when you officially begin and when you officially end.

    So why are community groups important in the life of WEFC. Let me give you several benefits as to why.

    1. Life Transformation happens best in Community Groups.
    2. Community Groups make church personal.
    3. Community Groups provide a nearly unlimited leadership development pipeline.
    4. Community Groups provide the best opportunity for one-anothering.
    5. Community Groups can provide a sense of family for many whose biological family lives far away.
    6. You can ask questions in a Community Group.
    7. Community Groups makes it possible for more people to be cared for between Sundays.

    So Get Into Community!