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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.30 Issue 30, The Pulse - 2017.31 Issue 31

    Congregational Meeting Report

    Both the General Fund Budget and the Missions Fund Budget were presented at the meeting and approved by the congregation.

    The approved General Fund Budget was $771,979. This is a 2% reduction from last year.

    The approved Missions Fund Budget was $172,000. This is a 3.37% increase from last year.

    Geoff and Kate Martin were voted into church membership

    Gerry Gingras gave an update on the progress of Phase I of the Expansion Project. Much work has been done to the landscaping and the house at 527 Maple St.  This week, they are replacing the roof at the church and the parsonage.

    Pastor Scott gave an update on the summer interns and the positive experience that has been for the church. He also shared a report from his recent trip to the EFCA National Conference.  It was noted how the vision of the EFCA matches much of the vision of WEFC.  Both are concentrating on the making of disciple makers and the multiplying of churches.  Over the next ten years, the EFCA want to see a ten percent growth in the number of churches.  It is the vision of WEFC to see 2 to 3 church plants established over the next ten years. 

    You can get a flavor of the EFCA National Conference below.