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    Author: Jennifer Mahr

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.43 Issue 43, The Pulse - 2017.44 Issue 44, The Pulse 2017

    Craving Coffee and Companionship: How a Cup of Joe Can Help You Make Someone’s Day

    WHY SHOULD WE MAKE A BIG DEAL about the new fellowship time called Joe & Friends? For some of you, the answer is obvious. Coffee! You had me at coffee. It doesn’t matter if you were late to church and didn’t get your normal cup, or if you just don’t pass up a free cup ever. If there’s coffee, you’re there. But even for those of you who aren’t drawn to the life-giving liquid, Joe & Friends has a deeper purpose in mind.

    God created us to crave companionship, and in our busy world, the time we need to cultivate supportive, nurturing relationships is easily lost to other priorities. Sunday morning service can be another thing to check off your to-do list, so when service is done, you’re out the door and on to the next event. Joe & Friends is an opportunity to put regular companionship, or “fellowship”, to use a “church” word, back onto your calendar, and to support our teens attending Challenge at the same time.

    Each Sunday from 9:15-11:00am, coffee, tea and light snacks are served in Fellowship Hall. Anyone is free to stop in and to stay as long as desired: tables are set up if you’d like to sit and visit, or you can grab a cup and wander the crowd. The coffee and snacks are provided free of charge, but any donations collected will go to support our teens attending Challenge, the Evangelical Free Church’s national youth conference. The teens are responsible for setting up, providing baked goodies, and cleaning up in return. There is also opportunity for anyone to volunteer to provide baked goodies on a rotating basis if you love to bake and want to bless others with your delightful treats.

    So Joe & Friends is many things at once: free coffee and snacks, a moment to say hi to someone you haven’t seen all week, a chance to meet new people, an opportunity to meet a teen and find out why he or she is excited about Challenge, or time to pause as another busy week starts up again. If your family attends worship service together, and the kids go to Sunday School but you don’t, feel free to hang out at Joe & Friends. You might think you don’t need companionship on a given Sunday, but perhaps God intends for you to be the companionship someone else needs.

    Interested volunteers (baking or serving) can contact me here or at 860-538-1974.