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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.14 Issue 14, The Pulse - 2017.15 Issue 15, The Pulse 2017

    Ecclesiastes: Getting the Most Out of Life

    “Hevel, Hevel, Everything is Utterly Hevel.” This phrase is used 38 times in the book of Ecclesiastes. The word Hevel literally means “vapor” or “smoke.” If nothing else, it tells us that life is both fleeting and unpredictable. At times, life is hard to figure out. Have you ever felt that way about life?

    Consequently, as we try to grab ahold of life, we often try to find meaning and purpose in life apart from God. Whether it is finding our purpose in work, accumulating wealth, seeking pleasure, or even acquiring knowledge; without God, all these things in life are Hevel. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Furthermore, they don’t come with any guarantees.

    How do we get the most out of life? When life is fleeting and when tomorrow has no guarantees, how do we make sense of life? These are the questions Ecclesiastes answers for us.

    Join us for this very practical sermon series called Ecclesiastes: Getting the Most out of Life. The series will run from April 23 to June 11.