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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.16 Issue 16, The Pulse - 2017.17 Issue 17, The Pulse 2017

    Exploring Faith Together

    At WEFC, we offer group studies that people can attend either on Sunday or during the week.  One of the studies that many people seem to enjoy is the Exploring Faith group, which meets several times during the year at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.  It is a seven-week study. The purpose of this group is to help people learn about the Christian faith and the central ideas of the Bible in the context of community. This group is designed for people who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible or Christianity, those who are new to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and/or those who want to deepen their understanding of basic Christian faith.

    The most recent Exploring Faith group was a little different in that it included whole families! It was a great time of interacting and even drawing family members closer together. Two of the families that attended were the Kindt and the Smith families.  Here are some thoughts and comments that they had about their experience attending Exploring Faith.

    Ron Smith enjoyed the fact that the diverse age group provided such a broad view of ideas and opinions. He felt that discussing Bible facts about how and why Christ came to earth was a very helpful review. “Having the teens present gave them an opportunity to listen and participate with adults. Having different leaders was also a great approach.”

    Ron’s wife, Melinda, also enjoyed the class. She felt like the curriculum was very helpful in taking a deeper dive into sharing one’s faith. “The visuals, videos and scripture discussions were thought provoking and powerful.”  Melinda also really appreciated being able to participate in this class as a family and with other families. She thought it was a blessing to have a multi-generational class.  Their boys, Zachary, Jacob and Ryan (all 9th grade) also found the class very helpful in developing and understanding their faith.  Jacob said, “I love how we were taught about how we can either be our own king, or have Jesus as our king.”

    David Kindt and his family also participated in this class. He said, “As a parent, I wanted to make sure my kids had the full context of salvation - to have the dots connect, to ensure they understood what it means. This class definitely accomplished that. It was very encouraging to have them in a more ‘adult setting’ and hear others profess their faith, as well as answer their questions. My hope is that this class helped them move closer to ‘owning’ their faith and not just relying on their parent's faith.” Liz (grade 12) agrees, saying, “As a teen, I loved being able to hear from adults, and their experiences with the Lord.”  She also liked having different leaders and getting help defining the difference between ‘religion’ and ‘relationship’.  Rebecca (grade 9) also thought it was a great class, helping her better understand the key parts of the Bible in a way that all ages can understand and relate to. “It was easy and simple to get the concepts each week! Thank you!”

    Does this class sound like one that would interest you? If so, sign up here. The next group begins Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 9:30 am in Room 213.