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    Author: Colleen Smith

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.10 Issue 10

    Family Teamwork Makes it Possible

    OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS, I would like to take some time to introduce you to a few members of our worship ministry family. In addition to the musicians up front on Sunday morning, there are also those who work behind the scenes in media, audio and video. All of these people serve in some way to lead us in worship by pointing us to God and the gospel of his Son, Jesus Christ.

    Today we will get to know Kyle Osborne who sings on a worship team once every five weeks. She also directs our seasonal “Kingdom Kids” choir. Kyle and her husband, Dan, both have demanding full time jobs, as well as two beautiful, active daughters, Hannah and Grace. Yet, on the week she serves, she manages to commit to a Tuesday night rehearsal and a full Sunday morning of services. Did I mention she lives in Bolton?

    You might wonder what would motivate her to make such a sacrifice. In her words, “I’ve been singing all my life, especially in the church starting with children’s choir. As a teen, my youth leader invited me to help lead worship for a Sunday service led by teens. It was at that moment I knew this was what God was calling me to do in the church.”

    When asked how she balances family, work and serving at WEFC, Kyle immediately responded, "Teamwork! Our family works together to make it happen. There are sacrifices they make so I can do what I am called to do. Dan and I also firmly believe we need to model a lifestyle of service for our kids. Naturally, I took a break for a season after my children were born, but looked forward to getting back into it when the time was right."

    Kyle says her greatest joy in serving is the blessing of seeing others worship and knowing God is at work even though she may not know how this side of heaven. She has also seen God at work in her own life. “By nature I am very shy. This ministry has drawn me out and into relationships with church families I would have never met.”