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    Author: Dave Gough

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.03 Issue 3

    Get To Know our Prime Timers

    WHAT DO SOME OF THE PARTICIPANTS SAY about this ministry to their hearts?

    It is all about the fellowship around the tables.

    It is always interesting to see the theme generated by the leaders.

    With three services on Sunday we don’t get to see all our friends. Prime Timers gets us all in the same place at the same time.

    We can be totally relaxed around the meal, the program, and with friends; it is very special.

    The spiritual emphasis of the time together is greatly appreciated.

    PRIME TIMERS is an important ministry to those who have so faithfully served the Lord at WEFC and/or other places throughout their lives. It is also a place where seniors can feel comfortable inviting their friends, some of whom may not yet know the Lord. You can tell from the comments above that it is time well spent for everyone involved.

    What happens at Prime Timers?
    First, the leadership team (Maureen Alexander, Dave & Lynne Gough, Doug & Debbie Wisneski) plans the meal, theme, program, and decorations and then executes the plan. The day is announced in church and the people are asked to sign up. We usually hold the event from noon to 2:00 PM.

    Approximately 40 to 50 Prime Timers come out and are treated to a themed meal -- like sausage soup in the chilly fall or an indoor cookout in warm, sunny May.

    Another portion of the program is music. Do the Prime Timers like the hymns of the faith? Yes! We either sing some hymns together or we have special music. Previous programs have included a ukulele band, a group of fiddlers, or the Wethersfield High School Choralaires.

    Most times there is a devotional by a special speaker. Past speakers have included Pastor Mike, former Pastor Dave Beguin or our missionary guest, Rich Flashman. Otherwise a devotional thought is shared by Doug Wisneski or Dave Gough.

    Many times, we share trivia or word games around the tables for fun. The trivia is selected around the theme – like apples in the fall or WWII around Memorial Day. It is all in good fun. Do we laugh a lot? You bet!

    Other times there is a little history mentioned, for example St. Patrick of Ireland, or Julius Caesar of Rome around the Ides of March.

    Finally, the entire leadership team, known affectionately as the “Kitchenettes,” come up and sing a funny or crazy song that fits the program theme. We all go away laughing. What fun!

    You are Invited!
    All those age 60+ are invited to attend these gatherings. We encourage you to bring a friend along with you.

    The next opportunity for fellowship is Wednesday, January 24th from noon – 2:00 pm. Unfortunately, due to illness, Jeff Coleman will be unable to be with us this time, but rest assured the lunch will be delicious and the fellowship sweet. Click here to RSVP

    To see more photos from our November gathering, click here.