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    Author: Roxanne Rideout

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.20 Issue 20, The Pulse 2017

    He is EVERYTHING and He Loves Me

    “Most of my life I have been a non-believer, although I grew up in a family that went to church every Sunday. I don’t remember much at about what was taught in Sunday school, but clearly remember my years in the youth group as a high school student. I LOVED it! We learned about ourselves and we learned about each other. We did many trust-building activities, and we grew very close as a group. But NEVER, was there any talk of God, Jesus, or the gospel message.

    Not knowing any better, as an adult I went back to this non-bible-based church, taking Chris and our daughters, Bree and Lacey with me. Among other things, the service consisted of someone reading short gospel and epistle excerpts. Then the minister would move on to a sermon that never spoke of, or had anything to do with God, Jesus, or what is expected of us.

    However, [my husband] Chris knew better, and he began planting the mustard seeds in my mind. With me, he knew that he needed to go VERY slowly and tread carefully. You see, I THOUGHT I believed in God: you know, “that God out there somewhere.” I really didn’t think about Jesus much. He was just part of the story I had heard my whole life; …born in a manger to Mary and Joseph, he did stuff (I wasn’t sure what), and then he hung on a cross because people didn’t like what he was doing, and then He came to life again. (I never even really thought about whether I believed this part.)

    After years of Chris’ seeding and watering, God penetrated my heart and I became convinced of the Truth and its importance in my life and the lives of others. I became overwhelmed by the realization that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. He paid a staggering price for me. I repented of my sin and turned my life over to Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

    Now, at age 56, I have been a believer for about 10 or so years. I was raised with values such as being kind to others, and don’t lie, cheat or steal, and so on, and those values stayed with me. However, I am truly a different person in Christ. I am still learning and changing, and fully expect to be a work-in-progress for the rest of my life. But with the Lord as my guide and conscience, I believe I will continue to grow in faith and service. He is EVERYTHING, and he loves me.”