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    Author: Shelagh Schuberth

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.42 Issue 42, The Pulse - 2017.43 Issue 43, The Pulse 2017

    Live as One Who Is Sent: Be Part of Operation Christmas Child

    I have never left the country but, because of Operation Christmas Child, I am an international missionary.
    - Rubin Grant, OCC Media Relations, Birmingham, AL

    AN OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOX is not just a gift in a box, in the hands of a local pastor across the globe it becomes a powerful tool of evangelism and discipleship.

    When we live with the conviction that God is at work in our lives, we live as one who is sent. Be involved in Operation Christmas Child and send Good News and Great Joy to children and communities across the globe.

    Last November, WEFC hosted its first Operation Christmas Child Packing Party. We invited children and families to learn about the Mission of Operation Christmas Child and its global impact, to participate in active games that a child may play in a distant country, to create an "All About Me" page to put in their box, to pack a box, to enjoy a snack, and finally to pray over the boxes packed. It was a wonderful opportunity for families to learn, serve and pray together.

    We will be doing this again this year! WEFC’s 2017 Operation Christmas Child Packing Party will be held Wednesday, November 8, from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. And, even if you can’t attend the packing party, you can still be involved in one or several other ways:

    Donate items needed for packing (See "What Goes in a Shoebox.") Please note that due to customs regulations, candy of any kind, and toothpaste are no longer permitted.

    Make a donation to cover shipping costs (Give online or write checks to WEFC with "OCC" on the memo line. $9 is needed for each box to be shipped worldwide.)

    Pack box(es) at home; return them to WEFC. Help yourself to the OCC boxes and instructions at the OCC display in the lower hallway. Instructions for packing a shoebox are here. Turn in your boxes to us no later than Sunday, 11/12.

    Live as one sent: meet the needs of a child, and transform lives with the Gospel of Christ throughout the world through Operation Christmas Child!