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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.43 Issue 43, The Pulse 2017

    Michael Crabtree: Growing Up in Christ

    ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT OUR CHURCH is the number of young people who are involved in ministry, both in the church and in the community.

    Michael Crabtree and his family have been attending WEFC for about 9 years. He is in 10th grade at Emmanuel Christian Academy. He has helped out in VBS, served in Sunday School, the HOW ministry, and also has been involved in Youth Group.

    When Michael was a child, he and his family went to Camp Spofford, starting when he was 9. He was a camper and he also went on two father/son retreats. This summer, Michael worked at the camp the summer for 3 weeks, as part of the Aftershock program. He did a variety of things, including wait staff, dish pit, childcare, housekeeping and maintenance.

    Although Michael spent a lot of time working behind the scenes, serving others, God spoke to him in a very significant way. Michael recalls, “We had the opportunity to go hiking in Pillsbury State Park one day. While coming back down the mountain two fellow Aftershock campers got lost on the mountain. Some counselors, myself and two other friends went back up the mountain to search for them. After running up the mountain and praying the entire time, they were found, after 3 hours, by the Forest Ranger. We were very relieved and thankful that they were safe. Through this experience, I was reminded that God is always with us, and He is in control when we feel helpless.”

    Michael also met many great people from all different backgrounds with amazing testimonies. Hearing their stories encouraged him in his own walk with God and gave him different points of view and their experiences. Michael says, “Our time together has made me think deeper about my faith and how fortunate I am to have my family, church and school family.”