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    Author: Michael Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.02 Issue 2, The Pulse 2017

    Night of Joy Testimony – Valerie Carpenter

    In early December of 2015, Valerie Carpenter found an advertisement in the local Wethersfield community newspaper advertising “Night of Joy," our annual Christmas concert. She appreciated the fact that the concert was free, but was also seeking rest from the rush and busyness of the holiday season. She has always loved music and thought it would be good to focus her mind in the right direction. She was not disappointed. She enjoyed the whole evening, from the choir, to the soloists, to the simplicity of the surroundings in the sanctuary. When she heard Pastor Scott and his wife Bonnie share, she felt drawn to learn more from these church leaders. She could sense that others at the concert were just as moved as she was.

    Since that winter evening in 2015, Valerie has become a regular attender at WEFC. She feels that she has found a home where she can explore the lingering questions that she has had about faith and God and church. She began attending the Exploring Faith class in January 2016, followed by Sunday morning classes, has been a greeter, and is now fully engaged in a Monday evening GROW group! She has found wonderful women with whom to study, pray and explore God’s Word. She has even taken a spot in the choir and joined voices with so many wonderful people in Night of Joy 2016! She has come full circle, from a seeker and listener, to one who is growing and learning in her faith, and serving others in ministry!

    WEFC has greatly impacted Valerie’s life. She has found a special place where she can learn about God, pray with an open heart, encourage others in positive ways and give of herself and her time to creative ministry projects, such as Operation Christmas Child. Valerie says that, “WEFC has filled a space in me that was seeking a close and personal relationship with God. I thank Him each day for leading me to WEFC and for all the great people He has put into my life.”