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    Author: Signe Damdar

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.28 Issue 28, The Pulse - 2017.29 Issue 29, The Pulse 2017

    Praying in Haiti

    Every day at noon at Redeemer’s Child orphanage near Port au Prince, Haiti, everyone stops. It is time to gather in the main room for the midday prayer time, beginning with 2 songs of worship, led by one of the teen girls.  All join in, from teachers to toddlers.  Someone reads from the Bible; someone announces prayer requests.  The teachers and students take turns praying out loud.  Then everyone prays out loud at once, closing in a final chorus.  This noontime prayer takes 15 minutes.  It is phenomenal to watch and be a part of.

    Were we to be so disciplined! And that’s not even the half of it!  Every Friday night they have a prayer meeting for 3 HOURS and only the very youngest of the 50 children are permitted to fall asleep!  Our Haitian brothers and sisters take prayer very seriously and value the privilege of coming before our Almighty God.  We can learn much from them.

    Dear brothers and sisters of WEFC, would you be committed to pray whilst we are in Haiti from July 31st to August 9th?  Would you please pray even before we step on the plane?  Would you, too, stop and pray?

    To help guide you, here are some prayer requests:

    • Safety in our travels and kindness in the eyes of the Port au Prince airport staff
    • Good health for the team and for Franceli and Julie, our hosts
    • Peace for family we are leaving at home. Some of us are leaving young children, spouses, concerned parents. Communication with those at home will be extremely limited.
    • Team unity as all 23 of us will be together each moment of the 10 days!
    • Team leaders (Dan and Dawn Jensen, Ray and Signe Damdar) to be able to work cohesively to lead well, especially without Paul Deasy going on this trip.
    • Our workshop day where we focus on pouring into the kids at the orphanage during a fun day of learning and sharing.
    • Food and Water Distribution Day—that logistics are worked out and that the neediest in the area receive blessing of water and hope of living water
    • Construction safety and costs to be covered while there as well as special bonding time with the Haitian construction workers
    • That the final $1500 comes in for the trip funding. A praise that so much as come in already!
    • For God’s Spirit to guide and lead us, to open our eyes and our hearts, to grant us encouraging words and joyful spirits.

    The team so appreciates your prayers and your partnership. We are grateful to you for this opportunity.  Soon, we’ll join with our Haitian brothers and sisters to pray at noon.