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    Author: Ed Johnson

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.03 Issue 3

    Serving as a Stephen Minister

    FOR ME, BEING A STEPHEN MINISTER IS A BLESSING AND A PRIVILEGE. In a recent sermon message, Pastor Mike exclaimed that “we are blessed in  order to give blessings away.” The Stephen Minister training, continuing education and peer supervision are blessings and I feel honored to be able to share these gifts with others who may be experiencing a rough patch in their lives or faith journey.

    We as Stephen Ministers have the privilege of walking beside individuals through their valleys of concern and to pray with them seeking the healing, resolution or cure that only God can provide. We lend a hand, a shoulder, or simply an ear in order to ease the burden in a Christ-centered way.

    If we take a look at where this ministry fits within the context of the overall mission of Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church, we need only to refer to “Our Way of Life.” Of the five elements, all of which are relevant, “Kingdom Come” clearly establishes the foundation for the Stephen Ministry at WEFC:

    “I will invest what I have been given for the work of God's kingdom. Adopt a lifestyle of service and ministry.”

    Since coming to WEFC, my faith journey has taken unexpected and wonderful turns, not the least of which is having been commissioned as a Stephen Minister. This ministry represents one piece of the three part path to growing faith through Worship, Community and Service.

    As a final thought, I offer the biblical themes of Salvation and Stewardship. Salvation is not something you can earn through good works. Rather, it was gifted to us by God through Christ's death on the cross. Stewardship, however, is caring for what God has entrusted to our care. Stephen Ministry is a prime example of Stewardship through Christ-centered caring and service.

    Stephen Ministers are here for you. Call on us! If you or a friend think you could benefit from the encouragement of a Stephen Minister, please contact the church office. For more information about Stephen Ministry, see the organization’s web page.