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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.22 Issue 22, The Pulse 2017

    Serving Behind the Scenes on WEFC’s Medical Team

    Did you know that we have a medical team here at WEFC? Not only are we blessed to minister to the spiritual lives of the folks that attend our church, we also want to make sure they are healthy and safe while they are in our buildings. 

    Ned Cornwall serves in Boy’s Brigade, on the Executive Board as a Deacon and as Church Clerk. He also ushers and helps park cars on Sunday mornings.  In addition, he serves on WEFC’s medical team.

    During the week, Ned is a registered nurse at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Haven, working as a coordinator of Telehealth Services. Because of his skills, Ned is able to utilize his knowledge to help others in the church in the event of a medical need.  This is something that comes very naturally to him, as he has the gift of service. “I have a servant’s heart and I am most happy when serving in the background. Similarly, my greatest joy is to be able to help others. I take pleasure in knowing that others have been provided some level of comfort where I have been able to assist them, or to be with them during a time of medical need.”

    Ned’s skills have certainly come into play for our church! During a summertime church service, one of our members with a medical condition demonstrated symptoms of dehydration. Ned was able to step in and help, not only at the time it happened, but he also checked in with family members later to touch base on proper follow up.

    During Ned’s years in serving with the Boy’s Brigade, he has been able to administer first aid to many cuts, scrapes and rug burns. “It has always been one of my unassigned tasks because of my nursing background, but I feel that it is comforting to the parents, knowing that their kids will be cared for if something comes up.”

    Perhaps you are interested in serving with the medical team. There are several ways that you can become involved. You can be on a team that monitors and supports our congregation during each service. You can be a medical support to our children’s ministries instructors by becoming CPR certified. You can help ensure that our medical and first aid supplies are adequate and within expiration dates. If you would like to serve the church in this capacity, you would need to go through a basic lifesaver CPR course and become certified in the use of an AED machine.  “You do not need to have a medical background, just a willingness to help others get the medical support that they need. If you are interested in joining the medical team, please contact Ned.

    We are grateful to Ned and the entire medical team for keeping us healthy and safe at church.