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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.10 Issue 10, The Pulse 2017

    Serving Behind the Scenes

    So often important things that go on in our church happen behind the scenes. Have you even thought about who prepares the communion table, making sure everything is in order for each service? Or who helps those who are being baptized, calming their nerves and making sure they have a towel when they come up out of the water?

    That person is our head deaconess, Sally Tolstick. Sally has been attending WEFC since 2008, and was asked several years ago to be the Deaconess Chair. She gladly accepted, as she felt like she wanted to use her spiritual gifts in serving in the church. 

    Sally heads up a team of 7 women who are split into three groups, and who rotate monthly. One of the things Sally enjoys most about her service to the Lord is the wonderful fellowship and friendships that have formed over the years. “We take it very seriously,” Sally said. “We understand that these are special ceremonies in the church and we want to be respectful.” But, Sally says, she also enjoys the times when they have deep conversations with each other, really getting to know each other’s hearts, as they stand side by side, pouring the juice into cups and breaking up the crackers, serving God. Sally and her team also make sure that the communion table is neat and clean and that the serving trays are sparkling.

    For the baptism service, Sally talks with each baptismal candidate and assures them that they don’t need to be nervous or worry what they will look like when they come out of the water! She also is standing at the ready with a towel as people emerge from the pool. “I love that I am the one standing there with a towel, ready to wrap them in a hug!” Baptisms are especially poignant to Sally because each time she serves there, she remembers her own baptism and the joy she felt on that day, as she obeyed God and was baptized as a believer in Christ. “I cry every time!” she said.

    We thank God for Sally and her team and the quiet way they go about serving God, making sure that His name is honored and glorified behind the scenes at WEFC. Although we may not often see her, Sally plays a significant role in the Body of Christ.