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    Author: Dave Gough

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.40 Issue 40, The Pulse - 2017.41 Issue 41, The Pulse 2017

    Show Love for Our Missionary Families via the Mochau Scholarship

    IN 1925 A MEMBER OF OUR CHURCH decided to become a full-time missionary and traveled to Venezuela to take up the work. Carrie Mochau was 25 years old and she traveled to a school founded by her uncle to educate Venezuelan children. She led vacation bible schools, taught Bible, visited families, distributed tracts and provided counseling to the Venezuelans. Carrie was on the field for almost 40 years before the LORD took her home to be with him at the age of 78. He had used her immensely.

    In 1980, WEFC established a scholarship fund in her name. The scholarship fund is designated to help the children of our missionaries who want to attend college. The missions fund each year has a budget line item designated for this purpose. This year the amount is $1500.

    But wait! Is it possible that you could feel the leading of the LORD to add to this amount? Absolutely! If you have a heart for the ministry of our missionaries, and want to come alongside them in this endeavor, just designate on your envelope, check or via online giving that your donation is for the “Mochau Scholarship.” We will make sure that your gift is distributed accordingly.

    This year we have two Missionary Kids (MK’s) who have applied for the scholarship. They are Nina Franzen and Anna Hall. Each year, we divide equally the amount of money available to all the recipients. This year, if only the budget money is available, each would receive $750 toward their college expenses. Wouldn’t it be great if more money were available for this love gift from WEFC? Would you join Lynne and me and others from our church family, and give from the heart? Thank you!

    By the way, the Lord has blessed WEFC with many missionaries over the years that were called from our church family, just as Carrie Mochau was. Is it possible this blessing has something to do with our faithfulness to Carrie’s legacy?