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    Author: Ellen Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.18 Issue 18, The Pulse 2017

    Taking Care of Your Own Spiritual Growth

    Being involved in a Community Group can be such an encouragement in as many different ways as there are people who attend them. For some people, attending a community group becomes an important part of their own spiritual development and healing.

    Dinah and her husband Bob Sinnema came to WEFC from Springfield MA, where they attended a small church. Dinah found that her gifts in the area of helps was used quite extensively, to the point of becoming burnt out. She loved serving God, but found that too much responsibility became overwhelming. “One should not get burnt out doing the Lord’s work. But I forgot how to say ‘no’ and take care of my own spiritual growth.”

    After moving to our area, the Sinnemas began attending a Community Group led by Joe and Maria Labbadia. The combination of being organized in leadership and a loving and hospitable home has given the Sinnemas a real sense of community and feeling welcomed in a loving embrace. “I love how others pray for me and our family, sharing concerns and life situations.” Dinah feels very lifted up and senses the Holy Spirit moving and working among them.

    Belonging to a Community Group is another way of belonging to a more close-knit family. But it is also a way for people who feel overwhelmed by a bigger church to be seen and heard. So often, people can fall through the cracks and their needs may not be met in a large group setting. Belonging to a community group gives a level of intimacy and truly encourages people to move and grow on their own spiritual journey. “I took 6 years off and have now begun to slowly grow back into small groups and serving in church.” For Dinah, her Community Group is a place where she has begun to heal.