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    Author: Shelagh Schuberth

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.24 Issue 24, The Pulse - 2017.25 Issue 25, The Pulse 2017

    Teaching Sunday School is A Learning Experience!

    Growing up, church for Sheran Smith was a place where everyone served: the young, the old, and everyone in between. There was always a place to serve and a need to be met. It was what Sunday morning was all about: serving at church. At an early age, Sheran played the piano for Sunday school classes.

    Sheran remembers her 6th grade Sunday School teacher, Marge Kearney. One week, the lesson was about the teachings of Christ. During class Mrs. Kearney asked, “And who is the greatest teacher that ever lived?” Sheran raised her hand and enthusiastically shouted out “You are!” Though this must have brought a smile to her teacher’s face, the correct answer was of course, Jesus.

    Sheran first got involved serving in Children’s Ministry as a Sunday school classroom helper when she was in middle school. Later, when she had children of her own, she became a teacher where she would have the privilege to influence and guide children in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

    Sheran has served WEFC Children’s Ministry in various capacities for more than 35 years. She has decided to “retire” after this school year. We sincerely thank her for her service. Only God knows just how many lives she has influenced as a teacher. When asked what has kept her involved for so long, she answered, "Starting as a Sunday School class assistant at a young age and continuing to teach into adulthood has kept me grounded and growing in my own faith journey." She wanted to be sure she knew in her mind and heart what she was teaching the kids each Sunday. “Many times,” Sheran added, “as the teacher, you get more out of a lesson than the kids. You find yourself applying the biblical truths to your own life; it can be quite powerful.”

    When asked what brings her joy in teaching week after week Sheran said, “It is very interesting to see kids grow in their spiritual knowledge and understanding. As a teacher, you get to follow the kids’ path in processing Bible stories and Biblical truths. Through activities and classroom interaction, you experience alongside the children, how what they are learning impacts their lives. You see them putting all the pieces together, so to speak.”

    If you’ve ever considered teaching Sunday School, but feel a little intimidated, Sheran says, “Don’t be afraid to teach; you are not creating the lessons yourself; the curriculum provided gives you more than enough to work with. Most importantly, be yourself. There’s nothing mysterious about teaching children. Children are open and honest. Go for it! It’s lots of fun!”