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    Author: Signe Damdar

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.24 Issue 24, The Pulse - 2017.25 Issue 25, The Pulse 2017

    Team Training for Haiti 

    What has the Haiti team been doing since the team was chosen in December? They’ve been building community, learning about Haiti, getting shots, renewing passports, practicing creole, and buying knee-length shorts. They’ve also been writing support letters, fasting from media, preparing workshops, sharing their testimonies in front of the whole group, physically supporting each other over obstacles, praying with prayer partners, asking and answering hard questions about Haiti, aid, missions, and God’s plan.  Much of this has happened during the monthly training sessions.  I asked some Haiti team members to weigh in on the training sessions.

    Four-time Haiti team member, Jill DeMaio, appreciates the bonding, fun, and learning about cultural differences. She likes the focus on techniques to help each other through the different emotions and feelings as well as ways to respond to different situations. “The meetings also make the trip more real—it helps me to realize it’s coming up soon,” she adds.

    Dan Jensen enjoys seeing people grow in their relationship with God as well as their relationship with each other.  He has learned that one of the leader’s vital roles is to foster encouragement and relationship within the team.  He notes, “The first timers are often nervous, but the repeaters usually step up to assure them that they will be ok and that they will be supported.”

    Dawn Jensen loves encouraging people to stretch themselves and do things they didn’t think possible and to see the joy on their face and the confidence they gain when they experience success.   She adds, “I also love how God uses team members to challenge and grow me.”

    Victoria Acca says that it’s really interesting to hear about the culture in Haiti. She finds the testimonies of those both of her own age and of other ages comforting.  She acknowledges, “I can hear others’ perspectives and I think it helps all of us relate and come together even more.  Overall it just excites me to get to spend time with the people on the team and get ready for the trip.”

    Seth Latronica likes getting to know the team so that he sees who he might be comfortable with in Haiti when he needs someone to go to and who will be a good help and resource to him.

    Our last training was June 17th, a 3 hour training with Paul Deasy of Love in Motion.  Please hold the 23 team members in your prayers as they prepare to leave for Haiti on July 31st.  Should you feel led, please consider partnering with them financially, as they still have $11,000 to raise before leaving.  Mesi anpil!  (Thank you very much!)