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    Author: Ryan Warner

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.03 Issue 3, The Pulse 2017

    The Power of Inter-Generational Influence

    MSM Winter Retreat Report

    The Middle School Ministry of WEFC had our annual Winter Retreat at Camp Spofford the first weekend of January, and amidst tubing down snow packed hills and videos of dancing zebras, our students had the opportunity to rub shoulders with a few generations of leaders in the church.

    Our theme for the weekend was “I am willing” which comes from Mark 1:40-42, a story of Jesus healing a leper. The text says that Jesus had compassion upon him, and that became our core message of the weekend. Boys Brigade Ranger Ray Damdar joined us for the first half of the weekend, hanging out and interacting with students during down times, and teaching about the compassion of Christ in our sessions. Saturday evening we were blessed to have former Boys Brigade Ranger and current visitation ministry leader Doug Wisneski share from his experiences of allowing the Spirit to guide him into compassionate acts for others and the blessings that have been born of those interactions. As Doug shared, you could have heard a pin drop in the Cheshire common area, which was the only time that was true over the course of the weekend!

    So while students invariably went on and on to their parents about how they got the scrapes on their faces from trying to sled down the hill standing up and the “horrors” of the bus breakdown on the way home (I’d like to take this moment to thank the Northampton Quality Inn for the free juice!), what will resonate within them for years to come are the lives of these men being shared with them for their equipping and encouragement. May we all have the compassion of Christ for one another.