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    Author: Mary Sarratt

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.42 Issue 42, The Pulse 2017

    WEFC’s Online Community (REALM) is Growing. Are You In?

    IN THIS AGE OF INSTANT EVERYTHING, we are surrounded by multiple ways to communicate - texting, Twitter, Facebook, and the list goes on. We want to make it easier for us, as a church community, to communicate with one another. REALM is a tool to do just that!

    We’ve come a long way since the introduction of REALM in September. We now have over 70 people who are in the system. We are hoping that many more will join over the next few weeks. The more people we have using the system, the more useful it will be.

    The folks who are already part of our online community have been using REALM to:

    • Update their contact information
    • Communicate within groups in which they participate
    • Register for church events
    • Upload pictures or documents useful to their groups
    • Get contact info from the online directory

    Are you ready to join REALM?
    An email invitation (or reminder) to “Join WEFC’s online community” will be sent out this month to all who have not already registered for REALM. Please click on the link embedded in the email to start the login process. If you run into any issues or have questions, please contact me in the church office.

    Click here to read more background information about REALM.