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    Author: Michael Conserva

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.48 Issue 48, The Pulse 2017

    What Kind of People Does God Use in Church Planting?

    ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th, WEFC hosted 10 bi-vocational church planters, four of whom shared their story of how God led them to begin planting a church in New England. Over 70 people attended, listened with excitement, and left encouraged by the stories of how these men went about planting a church, and how they continue to nurture those churches.

    One thing that stood out were the differences and the similarities they all possessed.

    For instance, each of the men were all very different individuals with different callings, different ministries, different approaches, and different strategies.

    But what soon became clear were the similarities that began to emerge.

    For instance, they had a similar clear call from God to plant a church. Most, if not all of them, didn’t start out with any thought of church planting.

    They had a similar passion to reach the lost, especially those in their community. They all had a similar visioning capacity, were similarly intrinsically motivated, related well to the unchurched, effectively built relationships. Some of the other similar traits that emerged were that they were committed to church growth and were concerned for their community.

    As we move forward with church planting, we trust that the same the traits we see in one another at WEFC, will continue to grow in us as individuals and as a congregation, as we embrace a church planting culture.

    The following links provide more information if you were unable to attend the 11/11 session:

    Dave Baer’s message (video) from the 11/11 session

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