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    Author: Ryan Warner

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.47 Issue 47, The Pulse 2017

    What Leaders Are Saying About WEFC Student Ministries

    ONE OF THE HALLMARKS OF WEFC STUDENT MINISTRIES is the relationships developed between students and their adult small group leaders. We currently have a team of 10 leaders between our Middle and High School Ministries, each of whom share their hearts, lives, and the grace and hope of Jesus Christ with our students. I’m so proud of and encouraged by this team of leaders, I thought I’d give a few of them a chance to share with you all their perspective on what’s happening in WEFC Student Ministries so far this year. 

    Jonna Roberge (11th & 12th Grade Girls): I see these girls growing this year through discussing habits and learning to share their story. I’m encouraged as they begin to establish their own personal faith. Many of them are leaving for college next year, and I see them genuinely wanting to live out their faith in this world, and that isn’t always easy. 



    Dale Reese (10th Grade Guys): I am really enjoying our small group break outs at the end of the night. It is an awesome opportunity to listen to the students talk about their faith. It can be challenging to talk about faith, but our small groups provide a great opportunity to practice in order to grow more confident! Through this, I have seen students recognize that deep friendships can be made with friends who share in their Christian faith.” 



    Denise Lewis (10th Grade Girls): I’m most excited about the students developing relationships with each other and with Jesus. I love them all. Growth is a slow process but it is good to see the girls asking questions about why we believe what we believe. I’m excited to see them ask for prayer for others, not just for themselves, which I see as a sign of growth.