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    Author: Signe Damdar

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.18 Issue 18, The Pulse 2017

    When Things Don't Go As Planned

    On Saturday, 4/22, the Haiti team was looking forward to having a car wash in order to raise funding and awareness of our mission trip to Haiti.  We were hoping to share with some Wethersfield community drivers about our upcoming trip to Haiti while washing their car, showing them photos of the dear kids and the hard work we’ve done in past trips, and collecting a $10 donation towards the trip cost. 

    At 9:00 AM team members were ready, armed with hoses, sponges, buckets, towels, and smiles. It was chilly and cloudy.  We prayed, cheered, and divided into teams of street advertising, washing crew, and drying crew.  We set up Christian music playing on speakers.  Then it started to sprinkle.  God was washing cars a different way.  We didn’t get to wash the dozens of cars we normally would on a sunny day, but we were grateful for very generous donations from the drivers of the cars that we did wash.  We closed up shop at 11:20, instead of noon.  We prayed, thanking God for the rain and for his plan, for the fun we had together and for the team members who could not be there. We parted our separate ways.  It wasn’t exactly the day we had expected, but we had fun and were able to build team unity.  That’s a win.

    The 23 members of the Haiti team have been meeting together every month since January for intense 2-hour training sessions. We’ve learned each other’s names and listened to each other’s testimonies.  We’ve studied Haiti’s history and analyzed cultural tendencies.  We’ve looked at ways to recognize signs of culture shock and learned techniques to support our teammates.  We’re even trying to speak some Haitian creole.  We’ll soon be undergoing a Haitian boot camp of fasting and prayer and studying God’s word.  We’re worshiping together, praying together, and trusting together.  We’re trusting that the funding for this very special mission trip will come in and God will touch hearts to want to partner with us to complete the funding that is currently at 52%.  We’re trusting that God has called each of us to Haiti for the first time or the fourth time to change our hearts and to share His love.  We’re going down with a plan but we know God will have His plan once we’re in Haiti.  We trust God and His plan. 

    Not one person complained during our rainy car wash. Not one person frowned.  We trust that God’s rain is good.  As we look forward to Haiti, we know that when things don’t go as planned, God’s plan is still the best.